Technology: Using vs Integrating

In most of our everyday lives technology is integrated into a lot of the things we do and without us knowing it.  We’ve become so accustomed to technology that it’s just how we do things now.  One example that comes to mind is banking.  When was the last time you filled out a withdrawal or deposit form?  Banking technology like eftpos and Internet banking have been integrated into our everyday lives. We don’t simply use eftpos for the sake of it, for most people it’s the only way to get money out or pay for items. 

In the classroom it is so important that we don’t fall into the trap of using ICTs just for the sake of it.  It should be integrated into the learning session in a way that adds value, encourages higher order thinking and that the technology is essential to the learning.

This link provides a table with great examples comparing the difference between using and integrating technology in the classroom.
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